Sunday, December 26, 2010

There may be a brief lapse before the next "Shrugging Out" podcast

My beloved brother Jack, who is exactly one year and one day younger than me, has been laid low by a stroke. He has been unconscious since the morning of Dec 24. His condition is very serious, and the prospects for recovery are unfortunately not good.

Next to my wife Mary, Jack is my closest friend in the world, and I dearly hope he returns to me, his wife and the rest of us, but I am bracing for the worst. Please say a prayer for him.

I will return to the podcast and this blog as soon as I can, as your support means a great deal to me, and I have not lost an iota of my enthusiasm for promoting the "shrugging out" concept as we prepare ourselves for the major events that are coming our way.


  1. I can't think of any thing appropriate, my thoughts are with you and your brother.

  2. Dear Pete, I am so very sorry for you and your family. I will be thinking of you all on the other side of the Atlantic.
    I never took the time to thank you for your podcast but I have been following it since July I believe.
    It has helped me clarify my thoughts about what's happening around us and made me aware of the necessity of being ready mentally and practically for all the changes that may and probably will happen. Although I live in Europe things are pretty much the same here as they are in America. Also the name of your podcast appealed to me because I enjoyed reading "Atlas Shrugged" so much (twice ) a few years back.
    Thank you again, my thoughts are with you and your family.
    Raymonde, a French woman

  3. Raymonde, thank you very much for taking time to write to me about my brother and about the podcast. Your support means a great deal to me.

    I hope you were able to listen to the show I did about Part 1 of Atlas Shrugged. Since you know the book well, I would appreciate hearing your thoughts about the book and what it tells us about the world today.

    Thank you again, take care, and have a very happy New Year!

  4. Hi Pete, first of all, how is your brother doing? Is he still in the hospital?

    About Atlas Shrugged, I think you're doing a very good job of explaining the ideas and the characters to people who haven't read the book yet. Not an easy task!

    What I particularly appreciated in the book was the way that Ayn Rand, through a clever plot, was able to make people aware of the dangers of collectivism and even altruism.
    Dagny Taggart is no altruist but she is fighting to keep the railway running and offer good service to her customers, against all odds, because she has high standards and would never settle for less. All the heroes in the book have high standards and that, for me, is very inspiring. The only regret I have about this book is not to have read it when I was 20.

    Also I liked the way Ayn Rand put a name on the 2 types of parasites: the looters and the moochers; we have such a great number of them in France, you wouldn't believe it... As Tom Baugh would put it: they surround us!

    What I find especially ironic at the moment is the difficulty the SNCF (the French public railway company; there are no private ones in France) is having just trying to maintain an average to mediocre service to users but everything seems to be crumbling down! Trains are late, delayed, stranded for hours, switched on to the wrong line.
    Of course, people are outraged and demand compensations, and everybody is putting the blame on everybody else. Not unlike the state of the US in Atlas Shrugged!

    I almost forgot: BONNE ANNEE !

  5. Hi (is it Raymonde?)--Jack is still in the hospital. He probably will be for some time. He is improving but has a long road ahead of him.

    Thanks very much for your comments on the Atlas Shrugged show, part 1. I'm working on part 2 and hope to have it out in the next couple of days.

    I appreciate your comments about moochers and looters in France--I can assure you that there are a great many of these in the U.S. The certainly do surround us.

    Happy New Year to you too!

  6. Oh, sorry, I forgot to sign! Yes, it was me, Raymonde, posting on January 7.