Sunday, December 19, 2010

Episode 48. Can America Be Cleansed of Collectivists?

I have found myself in more and more arguments with Collectivists these days, so I decided to address the whole subject from top to bottom, stem to stern, in this podcast.

Questions discussed in this show include:
- Are we "all in this together"?
- What exactly is Collectivism?
- Is Collectivism a slippery slope, always leading to tyranny?
- Who are the Collectivists? Bearded Marxists, or everyday people?
- What causes Collectivism? Is it in our DNA?
- What makes Collectivism immoral?
- What can we do to cleanse America of Collectivists?

Listening to this show, I think you will come away better equipped to fend off the Collectivists you know, educate open-minded people about the evils of Collectivism, and help shrink the population of Homo Collectivus.

Individualists of the world, disperse!

- - - - - - -


  1. No - it would take genocide and ethnic cleansing that no legitimate supporter of freedom would consider appropriate. However, it is possible for the collectivists to murder or imprison all of the freedom lovers.

  2. Anonymous, I appreciate the comment. I don't advocate genocide or ethnic cleansing. I think the crash that is coming will wipe out a lot of the collectivists (dependent at heart and lacking the ability to survive tough times). As to those who survive, remember that collectivists emote and carry signs, whereas individualists think and carry guns.