Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Episode 47. Signals Versus Noise

What do whales have to do with the Shrugging Out Podcast? Have I gone all "Save the Whaley" on you?

Of course not. (Aside: Which person in history did more to save the whales than anyone else? Answer: John D. Rockefeller. He was the most important figure in the rise of the petroleum industry, eliminating the demand for whales as a source of oil for lamps and other uses.)

This show is about the incredible, overwhelming, and downright crazy wave of news that has washed over us the past couple weeks. What do we do with all of it? Which stories should we pay attention to, and which should we ignore?

The vast majority of what passes for news is not much more than noise. But amongst all that noise, there are a few important signals that we need to be paying attention to. This show talks about them, and may give you a few useful pointers on what you can safely filter out, and which items should get your full attention.

Sorting out the signals from the noise. Whales do it, and so can you.

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