Friday, October 29, 2010

Episode 43. Let's Dream About New America

An upbeat episode for a change!

We may be headed for a massive crash, but on the other side lies our deliverance: An opportunity for us to remake these United States of America into a new America. An America that actually lives up to the true founding principles.

As terrible as the collapse will be, there is a very bright spot amid the gloom. The collapse will allow us to shed the accumulated collectivist crap of the better part of the last century. We can usher in a new age of individual liberty, personal responsibility, self-reliance, the rule of law, and respect for private property.

Think about that--no more Dependency Culture--at least for a while. A good long while, if we do it right.

What can we look forward to shedding, and what will replace it? Nothing less than the original American dream--if we can just make it through the crash. So keep prepping, and dream a vivid dream of New America.

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