Sunday, October 3, 2010

Episode 39. The top 100 items that will disappear first when the SHTF

I came across this list of prepper items on and since I'd recently done a show on disaster preps, I thought I'd go through this list and talk about items that I didn't have had on my relatively abbreviated list. (And by the way, be sure to go to the Lew Rockwell site, bookmark your browser, and check it out periodically. I'll add it to the list of links from my blog while I'm at it too.)

The list was compiled by "Mr. Smashy" from a forum discussion held on (yet another site I recommend). Although it's technically not a prepper list but rather a list of things most likely to disappear from store shelves, pretty much every item on this list is either vital or useful in a Stuff Hits the Fan (SHTF) situation.

The most useful thing about this list or any other is the THINKING it provokes on your part in preparing yourself and your family. Every person's situation is unique. Think through your situation, where you live, the weather and climate extremes, the availability of nearby natural resources, and your own knowledge and skills, and prepare accordingly. Let your mental preparations guide your physical preparations.
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