Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Episode 36. Labor Day, that collectivist joke of a holiday

Well, Labor Day for this year is in the rear view mirror, and considering its history and what it celebrates, good riddance.

Sure, everyone loves a "free" day off, but we would be better off celebrating Adam Smith Day, which would represent the miracle of economic freedom and the free exchange of value between individuals and organizations. Something much better than extolling the worthless collectivism of modern organized labor.

The modern labor movement is nothing more than the application of political coercion where free markets would normally be much better for all concerned. Monkeys who want something for nothing won't understand that, but the intelligent listeners to this podcast certainly will.

I talk about a real world example (of which I am intimately and painfully aware) in which a labor union organizes a small, successful business, harming the business substantially and ultimately resulting in the loss of worker jobs and net reduction of economic value to the town and all involved. All except the union organizers, of course, who end up laughing all the way to the bank. Ho, freakin', ho.

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