Monday, September 6, 2010

Episode 34. A Republic, if you can recreate it

What SHOULD America be Like? We weren’t able to keep Ben Franklin’s republic the first time. But how might we recreate it?

A republic is a form of government in which the people being governed retain control. America became a runaway democracy in the 1930s.

The Constitution did a pretty good job for nearly 200 years--what was wrong with it? What happened to undermine it? And should we convene a new Constitutional Convention to try to write a better document? Or is this a bad idea?

What can we do to recreate the Republic we once were? Hint: It involves an immense but rarely-considered object, the US Code.

What would we have, and what would we NOT have, if we hit the giant "reset button" in the sky and restored republican (small "R"!) to our federal government? And when will be the most opportune time to do that?

(Minor note: In the podcast I say the Constitutional Convention ended in July 1789, but it was July 1787. A mysterious slip of the tongue, since my notes had the correct year.)

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