Monday, August 23, 2010

Episode 32: Restore the Constitution?

Tom Baugh, author of Starving the Monkeys (the "one book read" for the Shrugging Out philosophy) was on the agenda for a recent "Restore the Constitution Rally" in Greensboro, NC. Unfortunately the other speakers consumed almost all of the time, so he wasn't able to give his speech as written.

So I asked Tom if he would mind me reading the speech (published here) in its entirety on the podcast. With his permission, I do so in this show. I add some commentary at the end, of course.

Tom's speech is both remarkable in an objective sense, and is unsurprising coming from him. It is highly controversial, yet very clear, logical, and difficult to refute.

One of Tom's main points is that the Constitution is not so much a document about liberties as it is a document about the power of the national government over the states, and over us.

I think if Tom had been able to give this speech, many in attendance would have been taken aback by some of his points, but the open-minded among them would recognized the wisdom behind them.

One last item for Shrugging Out listeners: I hope to get Tom Baugh to join me for a podcast recording session in the next week or so. I'm eager to get his latest status on the Starving the Monkey project, and I'm sure you are too.


  1. Hey Pete,
    Boston T. Party is the pseudonym used by Ken Royce for a number of years now when he writes about constitutional matters and the topic of liberty. He seems very much the political atheist, especially where it concerns Republicans an Democrats. I think you would enjoy "Hologram of Liberty" and another of his books by the name "Molon Labe." That was the phrase attributed to Leonidas, commander of the Spartans. It translates roughly as "Come and take them!", referring to their weapons, when urged by the Persians to lay down their arms.
    I had "Hologram" on my reading list for about a year, then finally picked it up when Tom Baugh mentioned it in an article a month or so ago.

  2. Roger, Echo5Alpha--I appreciate the info on Mr. Party aka Ken Royce. He sure sounds like another person I should follow and his books sound interesting as well. Thanks for listening to the podcast!!!