Monday, August 16, 2010

Episode 31: The Constitution of Liberty

Back from vacation, and back with a different sort of show...we examine the lives and philosophies of two 20th century giants in the articulation of individual liberty.

Ayn Rand, whose work "Atlas Shrugged" was a key inspiration for The Shrugging Out Podcast, provides the moral grounding, and a vivid vision of the results of individual liberty applied to all aspects of life. We review her life and her philosophy of Objectivism.

Friedrich Hayek, an enormously influential thinker and economist of the last century, provides hefty flesh to the concept of individual liberty, especially as it applies to free markets.

It's important that we all understand the logical underpinnings of liberty, so that we can counter the arguments of misguided do-gooders who don't understand that their attempts to remove economic inequality from the world inevitably introduces the specter of tyranny.

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