Monday, August 30, 2010

Episode 33. Another Week Closer to the Edge of the Cliff--Keep Prepping!

Have you noticed just how "mainstream" the looming economic catastrophe has become? It's become practically routine for everyday reporting and commenting in the mainstream media to relate that, ho hum, a major economic crash is right around the corner.

So we turn our attention in this show to prepping yourself and your family for living through a scenario that I think is pretty likely in an economic meltdown that disrupts the flow of basic commodities.

And along the way we tweak the usual suspects--the collectivist monkeys (whom we will eternally resent for causing the crash), and the leftist elites who think they are geniuses but are merely mean-spirited and dumber than a bag of hammers, when it comes to economics and human nature.

I hope you enjoy this week's trip on the American bullet train into the fiscal box canyon, while we discuss preparations in the categories of:
- Security
- Water
- Sanitation
- Food
- Shelter
- Currency
- Fuel
and a host of miscellaneous necessary and useful items.

News you can use, I think, given how the crash seems to be getting more and more inevitable, more and more tangible, and closer and closer in time as the days and weeks fly by. These are vital actions, my friends, things you must do now, to assure that you are prepared.
- - - - - -

Monday, August 23, 2010

Episode 32: Restore the Constitution?

Tom Baugh, author of Starving the Monkeys (the "one book read" for the Shrugging Out philosophy) was on the agenda for a recent "Restore the Constitution Rally" in Greensboro, NC. Unfortunately the other speakers consumed almost all of the time, so he wasn't able to give his speech as written.

So I asked Tom if he would mind me reading the speech (published here) in its entirety on the podcast. With his permission, I do so in this show. I add some commentary at the end, of course.

Tom's speech is both remarkable in an objective sense, and is unsurprising coming from him. It is highly controversial, yet very clear, logical, and difficult to refute.

One of Tom's main points is that the Constitution is not so much a document about liberties as it is a document about the power of the national government over the states, and over us.

I think if Tom had been able to give this speech, many in attendance would have been taken aback by some of his points, but the open-minded among them would recognized the wisdom behind them.

One last item for Shrugging Out listeners: I hope to get Tom Baugh to join me for a podcast recording session in the next week or so. I'm eager to get his latest status on the Starving the Monkey project, and I'm sure you are too.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Episode 31: The Constitution of Liberty

Back from vacation, and back with a different sort of show...we examine the lives and philosophies of two 20th century giants in the articulation of individual liberty.

Ayn Rand, whose work "Atlas Shrugged" was a key inspiration for The Shrugging Out Podcast, provides the moral grounding, and a vivid vision of the results of individual liberty applied to all aspects of life. We review her life and her philosophy of Objectivism.

Friedrich Hayek, an enormously influential thinker and economist of the last century, provides hefty flesh to the concept of individual liberty, especially as it applies to free markets.

It's important that we all understand the logical underpinnings of liberty, so that we can counter the arguments of misguided do-gooders who don't understand that their attempts to remove economic inequality from the world inevitably introduces the specter of tyranny.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Episode 30. People Are Waking Up

I almost lost my job this week, and I talk about what happened and how I managed to stay valuable and keep my job (for now) in spite of my position being eliminated (the other people in the same position are on the street, unfortunately).

I talk about how people are waking up to the crisis that is coming with America's unsustainable federal spending and levels of debt, and how this concern is becoming mainstream.

Three articles illustrate the situation:

- An editorial by "Terrible Ted", Ted Nugent, "It is us", which places the blame for the Obama regime and the latest epic tug on the ratchet of collectivism squarely on the American people. It is our job not to allow ourselves to become duped.

- An editorial by Niall Ferguson entitled "Sun could set suddenly on superpower as debt bites" about how history may well not be slow and cyclical, but may be arhythmic and sudden, and that the collapse of the US may come quickly.

- A thought piece by Paul Craig Roberts entitled, "The Year America Dissolved", which places our demise (and the takeover of control by local police-run clans) in the year 2017, a scant seven years from now.

Whatever is going to happen, we're reminded to stay valuable, stay flexible, and pay attention to what's happening.