Friday, July 23, 2010

Episode 29, Shrugging out from Pebble Beach

My job takes me to the unusual confines of Pebble Beach. So naturally, I do a podcast!

It's about current events, mostly, and a bit about what is and isn't important about real estate and living locations in a survival setting.

See also the video version of this podcast on YouTube.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Episode 28: Unexpected Listener Forum

Wow, I still can't believe this happened.

Two listeners from halfway across the country come to the Dallas-area on business, and they contact me, we meet, have dinner, and record a podcast together.

We talk about food, firearms, Don's 72-acre rural bugout location, microhydro power (which Don uses to power his home from the year-round stream on his property), Bob's hurricane bugout preps, working with spouses at various stages of readiness, and other topics.

Many thanks to two kindred spirits with great initiative, Don and Bob, for making this a unique and fantastic show!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Episode 27: The "Other Half" of Shrugging Out

One half of Shrugging Out is reducing your contributions to the "Dependency Culture". The other half is about preparing yourself and your family for the crash. I focus more on the latter in this show, while making my way through a number of points, including:

- A brilliant post by "Redpoll" forwarded to me by a listener in response to a column by Bob Unruh entitled "Obama Has the U.S. Economy in a Death Spiral". Redpoll likens the incredibly widespread dependence on the government to drug dependency. Sound familiar?

- How is one of the two major tenets of the Shrugging Out philosophy--voluntarily shrinking your "co-dependency footprint"--being overtaken by another process?

- Why, depending on your situation, should you focus on the other major tenet of the Shrugging Out philosophy, preparing for the oncoming crash?

- What is one of the very best resources for preparing yourself and your family? (It's The Survival Podcast by Jack Spirko.)

- What are the basic preps any "Shrugger" should make?

- What scary new developments are happening in the world of gangs that you should be aware of?

- What are some of the things we can all look forward to after the crash, assuming we survive? (Tease--one of them comes from a July 4 Jay Leno "Man on the Street" segment.)

- What type of world that most of us are familiar with might return after the crash (stripped of Hollywood drama and nostalgia, of course)? And why is that actually important to you, in terms of what you should do to prepare?