Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Episode 25, Interview with John Xenakis, founder of Generational Dynamics, part 3 of 3

Here are some of the questions I ask John in this episode:

- Is it possible to predict when the crash will happen?

- What is happening in Europe, from a Generational Dynamics perspective?

- Will there be hyperinflation in the US?

- Can there be a Crisis War without the use of nuclear weapons?

- What is The Singularity (when computers able to design and build themselves become smarter and more creative than humans?

This concludes a fascinating two hours with John Xenakis and Generational Dynamics. Check out all three parts elsewhere on this blog. And be sure to post your comments, or send me an e-mail at What do YOU think of Generational Dynamics?

Many thanks, John!

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