Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Episode 26: Commentary on Generational Dynamics

Is John Xenakis right? Does history repeat itself, after a fashion, in four-generation cycles, climaxing in a series of Crisis Wars every 60-80 years?

Does Generational Dynamics pass the average person's tests for sensibility, simplicity, complexity, confidence, mathematical rigor, and accuracy?

How does Generational Dynamics stack up against better known theories of economics and society?

How is Generational Dynamics like the great science fiction author Issac Asimov's short story, "Nightfall" (I did this one from pure memory folks--missed a few details, but what a great story by Asimov, and how eerily does it fit GD? Very!

Why is everyone talking about the the coming crash, even famed economist-slash-dunderhead (ah, but I am being redundant) Paul (Wolfman) Krugman?

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Episode 25, Interview with John Xenakis, founder of Generational Dynamics, part 3 of 3

Here are some of the questions I ask John in this episode:

- Is it possible to predict when the crash will happen?

- What is happening in Europe, from a Generational Dynamics perspective?

- Will there be hyperinflation in the US?

- Can there be a Crisis War without the use of nuclear weapons?

- What is The Singularity (when computers able to design and build themselves become smarter and more creative than humans?

This concludes a fascinating two hours with John Xenakis and Generational Dynamics. Check out all three parts elsewhere on this blog. And be sure to post your comments, or send me an e-mail at shruggingout@hotmail.com. What do YOU think of Generational Dynamics?

Many thanks, John!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Episode 24, Interview with John Xenakis, founder of Generational Dynamics, part 2

In part 2, John explains why crisis wars almost always occur during the Crisis Era, what role Thomas Malthus plays in Generational theory, what is driving the European financial crisis in Generational terms, whether America's crisis war will be a civil or global war, and what the future holds for China based on the Crisis Era that country finds itself in today.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Episode 23: Interview with John Xenakis, founder of Generational Dynamics, Part 1

You've heard me talk about Generational Dynamics on many episodes of the podcast. Well, this time, we hear from the founder of the theory himself, John Xenakis.

From his website: "John J. Xenakis is an MIT grad, a journalist, writer, technologist, researcher and analyst who became interested in study and analysis of world history and how generational changes over the centuries have led nations into everything from humiliation to greatness. The result is Generational Dynamics, a technique for analyzing history and for understanding how nations change their beliefs and attitudes as generations change."

In part 1, John describes the basic theory, how history follows the flow of human generations, how Generational Dynamics explains major events in modern American history, and how it predicts the the next crisis that is coming soon.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Episode Naught: The "Kiddie Pool" Garden

Not really an episode of the podcast, but here is a video of Shrugger's backyard vegetable garden. Mini-garden, really. This summer's garden is a test, with scaling up later this year in prep for next spring and summer to follow.

This video has a simple how-to: How to set up a "kiddie pool garden".

Check out the video (about 6 minutes long) on YouTube.