Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Episode 19: After the Crash, Rebuilding the True American Dream

A listener comment from "John B." leads to a great show: “Hey Pete, most of your shows are negative. You mention what might come after the crash, that it will be positive. Maybe you could talk more about that, for balance.”

He's right, and what keeps me upbeat and positive about the future, the long term future, is that the crash that is coming will allow us to restore the true American spirit, the true American dream. In this show I speculate about:

- What will be the state of the nation, the economy, and society when we've hit bottom, and are ready to start rebuilding?

- How will the basics of food, clothing, and shelter be provisioned?

- What surprises are in store regarding land ownership?

- Which forms and services of government will be the quickest to recover?

- How will key parts of our society, such as medicine, education, and the law, recover, and how will they differ from the pre-crash Dependency Culture?

- Which elements of today's world will (fortunately) fail to make it through the crash?

- What will happen to "the monkeys"--the Dependents and their parasitical Elites?

The show ends on a final upbeat note: "The American idea, now that it has been brought to the world and has lived in our hearts for over 200 years, cannot be extinguished. Not as long as there lives an American who remembers, and believes."

No "doom and gloom" in this show--well at least a lot less, and a lot more bright spots. Many thanks for the inspiration, John B!

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