Monday, April 12, 2010

Episode 9: We are NOT America’s B*tches!

It's now part of mainstream American culture to show dominance over other people by calling them "B*tches". Why is the Dependency Culture like an oxcart, and why do you NOT have to endure the "B*tches" insult?

It's federal income tax week, so naturally we talk about what it's like in a country where a bare majority (so far) of income earners pay taxes, and slightly fewer than half (again, so far!) reap the financial benefits.

Why are federal income taxes so high? Why is the federal government so large? What are the limits to federal power, if they aren't enumerated in the Constitution?

How much taxation is enough? Jonah Goldberg article cited, and how it relates to Shrugging Out.

Income tax payer an endangered species? What is Mark Steyn's reference to Shrugging Out?

Is Shrugging Out going mainstream? Listen to Rush Limbaugh refer to it!

What tax rates will be required to fund the federal government when your kids' are taxpayers? Rep. Paul Ryan asks the CBO--listen to the answer!

Some people say that Shrugging Out is mean, or immoral. What makes Pete almost lose it when people say that?

How much longer can the "American Experiment" last? Another 200 years?

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