Sunday, April 25, 2010

Episode 13 video: Part 2 of "What is Shrugging Out all about?"

Coupled with Episode 12, this 10-minute video does a good job of explaining the Shrugging Out philosophy, why few people will have the discipline and mindset needed to do it, how important it is to prepare for the disaster that is coming, and your role in America's post-crash renewal.

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Episode 13: What is "shrugging out" all about? (part 2)

Pete completes the recap begun in Episode 12, What is "shrugging out" all about?

- What is the ideal "end state" for someone committed to shrug out?
- How will "shrugging out" change your life?
- What will it take for you to have the discipline and mindset to shrug out?
- Isn't this just a "doom and gloom" philosophy?
- Do you have to go all the way, or is it worth it to shrug out partially?
- Isn't "shrugging out" basically giving up on America?

A short and sweet ten minutes, well worth a listen. Or check out the video on YouTube.

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Friday, April 23, 2010

Episode 12: What is "Shrugging Out" all about?

New to shrugging out? Judging by the recent upswell in listeners you may be. (Many, many thanks for listening!!!)

In a quick ten minutes, Pete explains the basics, including:

- Where does the term "Shrugging Out" come from?
- What is your "co-dependency footprint", and why should you reduce it?
- How do Elites use the Dependency Culture to their advantage, and why do they want as many of them as possible?
- Why are disaster preparations an important part of shrugging out?
- What is "Generational Dynamics", and how does it explain the fiscal and social catastrophe that is on our horizon?
- What are the first basic steps you should take to shrug out? (Hint: Think Ant, not Grasshopper.)

Be sure to check out the video of this podcast here on YouTube.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Episode 11: Is it seditious to shrug out?

Pete starts out by blasting Time columnist Joe Klein's charge that Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin's recent statements are seditious, or as the elitist Klein puts it, "rubbing up against it [sedition]". This makes Pete sing--literally--Sedition...Sedition!

Shrugging Out is all over the news!!!

- Reality-based New Jersey Governor Chris Christie provides mega-doses of reality to the temporarily-chastened boobs responsible for putting New Jersey into the deep hole it's in today.

- Thomas Sowell channels the "Shrugging Out Philosophy" by exploring the limits of power, citing how throughout history certain classes of slaves were actually paid, instead of forced to work.

- Michael Barone talks about "the battle between the culture of dependence and the culture of independence."

- Congressman Paul Ryan (R-WI) explains why "it's not mathematically possible" to tax our way out of the impending fiscal crisis in America.

- Generational Dynamics guru John Xenakis describes the huge real estate bubble in China, and what's in store for everyone's darling economy.

- The US State Department jumps in on global warming as momentum builds for CO2 "cap and trade" legislation.

The first ten minutes of the show are also available on YouTube, on the new "Shrugging Out" channel, recorded in the mobile studio via ShruggerCam! Check it out!

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Episode 11 video: Is shrugging out seditious?

This is the inaugural video for The Shrugging Out Podcast. Pete pounds Joe Klein for his ridiculous charge that Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin's comments are seditious, or as Klein quibbles, "rubbing up against it". And listen for the special song Pete sings in honor of Klein's charge of "Sedition".

Recorded in the mobile studio via ShruggerCam. This video is the first ten minutes of Pete's "daily" podcast (more like 2-3 per week).

Click on the title of this post above to see the video (on YouTube).

The entire audio podcast for Episode 11 will be posted tomorrow (April 21).

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Episode 10: The Tea Party won't stop America's crash

In "celebration" of "Tax Day":

Pete nails a clueless Boston Globe columnist on his portrayal of the modern Tea Party movement as being anti-tax and therefore anti-American.

What debate does America really need to have about government and taxes?

Do Americans think their taxes are too high, or about right? Surprising changes to this survey over the past ten years, and more changes to come.

Although the Tea Party activities are worthwhile, and have laudable goals, why will the energies invested into this and other political activities fail to keep America from "hitting the wall"?

What does it mean to "hedge your bets BOTH WAYS when it comes to America's future?

Why are we likely to experience a "V-shaped" economic recovery? Why will it be short lived?

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Monday, April 12, 2010

Episode 9: We are NOT America’s B*tches!

It's now part of mainstream American culture to show dominance over other people by calling them "B*tches". Why is the Dependency Culture like an oxcart, and why do you NOT have to endure the "B*tches" insult?

It's federal income tax week, so naturally we talk about what it's like in a country where a bare majority (so far) of income earners pay taxes, and slightly fewer than half (again, so far!) reap the financial benefits.

Why are federal income taxes so high? Why is the federal government so large? What are the limits to federal power, if they aren't enumerated in the Constitution?

How much taxation is enough? Jonah Goldberg article cited, and how it relates to Shrugging Out.

Income tax payer an endangered species? What is Mark Steyn's reference to Shrugging Out?

Is Shrugging Out going mainstream? Listen to Rush Limbaugh refer to it!

What tax rates will be required to fund the federal government when your kids' are taxpayers? Rep. Paul Ryan asks the CBO--listen to the answer!

Some people say that Shrugging Out is mean, or immoral. What makes Pete almost lose it when people say that?

How much longer can the "American Experiment" last? Another 200 years?

Friday, April 9, 2010

Episode 8: What is Generational Dynamics?

Generational Dynamics is a model that explains, and predicts, the cycles of human history. Developed by John Xenakis, Generational Dynamics is perhaps the best (and simplest) theory that adequately resolves formerly unresolved questions about the nature and cause of patterns in history.

Questions answered in this show:
- How does Generational Dynamics explain the housing bubble and the related financial crisis of 2008?

- Why is Generational Dynamics the ONLY theory that explains exactly why the stock market began rising to historic, bubble-like levels in 1995 (as opposed to 1985, or 1990, or 2000)? And why are thousands of economists and market watchers unable to explain that simple, dramatic change?

- How does Generational Dynamics explain the timing and the pace of the Great Depression, World War II, the unrest of the 1960's, the economic rise of the 1980s and 1990s, and the unraveling and chaos of the last decade?

- Why does history unfold in any society or nation in a repeating cycle of four well-defined, predictable eras?

- Why do successive generations of young people develop specific natures and attitudes that differ from prior and subsequent generations?

- How can Generational Dynamics be used to predict the nature and timing of major future trends?

Learn more about this important new model for societal change and how it can help you understand what is happening in the world and how to prepare for coming times.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Episode 7: Why America Will Hit the Wall

In today's show:
- Remember that they can't take advantage of you without your permission!
- If you don't know where you are, a map won't help--So where is America in financial terms? At current course and speed, how long before America's debt becomes unsustainable?
- What do we need to do to fix things? How painful will the fixes be?
- What practical/tactical reason will prevent any significant fixes from being enacted?
- What is Generational Dynamics, and why does it say that our next major crisis is near--and UNAVOIDABLE?