Monday, March 15, 2010

Shrugging Off the Dependency Culture

What is the Dependency Culture?

It is the environment, and the mindset, that leads an ever-increasing share of adults to provide less and less for themselves and their families, exchanging their independence for more and more reliance on government programs.

The Dependency Culture is largely the result of us allowing the seven deadly sins, most especially greed, envy, and sloth, to gain control of our governments.

The Dependency Culture has many more beneficiaries than benefactors.  This is convenient in a democracy as it allows the majority to vote themselves benefits without pain.

In the Dependency Culture, dependents are not the ONLY ones who benefit.  A class of parasitical Elites, including politicians, public servants, and others, arises to feed from the host, and facilitate its growth.

The Dependency Culture in the America is very mature, in the sense that relatively few people are completely independent of all government entitlement programs.  A huge majority of taxpayers receive some form of entitlement from the government, and in time virtually every person does, in the form of Social Security and Medicare if nothing else.  A continuum of dependency exists, and everyone is on it, with very few being on the "Wholly Independent" end of the scale.

There is no natural, orderly counter-force to govern or reverse the growth of the Dependency Culture.  A movement for reform on the part of the Dependents could do it, but human nature and the role of the Elites lobby against it. 

The Dependency Culture is unsustainable.  Absent an unlikely reform undertaken by the Dependents, the Dependency Culture will eventually take down American society as we have come to know it.

The demise of the Dependency Culture, again absent sweeping reforms, will be disruptive at least, and more likely catastrophic in its impact upon society and our economy.

So what are we to do?  Two things.  Number One, if you are part of the Dependency Culture, do whatever you must to leave it.  (Keep in mind that few of us are wholly Independent.)  Number Two, if you are primarily an Independent, do whatever you must to stop contributing to the Dependency Culture.  And whether you are Dependent or Independent now, prepare diligently for the abrupt and disorderly demise of the Dependency Culture.

In summary, what should you do about the Dependency Culture?  Shrug it off!

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