Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Episode 6: Which Shrug Out strategy should you choose?

We start with a reminder that we all need periodically from the daily news...on just how much the Dependency Culture and the Parasitical Elites despise you.

Why does your Shrugging Out strategy depend on your life situation?

What is your Co-Dependency Footprint? (You need to know it to properly choose your strategy.)

What are you assuming if your strategy is Doing Nothing?

Which of the following strategies are the best fit for you?

- The "Dependency Prevention" strategy

- The "Shrink Out" strategy

- The "Total Shrug Out" or TSO strategy

What are some simple things that anyone can do to reduce their Co-dependency Footprint?

Which state in the U.S. might be the right state to shrug out to?

Regardless of your shrug out strategy, what should you NEVER do?

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