Monday, March 29, 2010

Episode 5: How will the Dependency Culture unravel?

The Dependency Culture pits the Dependents against the Co-Dependents who enable them. Everyone is somewhere on the Dependency/Co-dependency continuum. But there is a third option--what is it?

Will the Dependency Culture undergo a long, slow (or not so slow) decline? Or an abrupt catastrophe?

What will politicians do regarding Dependents and Co-Dependents as the decline accelerates?

How will the oscillation of control from Democrats to Republicans (and back) affect the decline?

What will happen to taxes? What will happen to the economy?

What types of unrest and disruption will impact the Dependency Culture?

What are the opportunities for reform that could avoid or reduce the decline?

What will happen to the stock market?

Will we have hyperinflation? What might cause deflation?

A sobering show, but it's important to examine the information we have and to be realistic if we are to take effective action in our lives.

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