Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Episode 3: Shrugging out--How to get started

Today's podcast on shrugging out and how to get started:

1.  Remember what Shrugging Out is and why you want to do it.  The goal is your independence.  Not sticking it to anybody else.

2.  What is the IDEAL end state of independence for you, your "Shangri La"?  Paint a vivid picture of that for you and those shrugging out with you.

3.  Do you need a more achievable or realistic intermediate goal?  Visualize that.  (Important aside:  Consider disaster survival, see and listen to The Survival Podcast ( with Jack Spirko).

4.  Turn down your desire for material things.  Easier said than done, because you've been carefully trained to want them, but it's essential.  

5.  Get to work on your debt.  Use the "debt snowball" method.

6.  Economize your weekly and monthly purchases (food, clothing, cable/satellite TV, cellphones, etc.).  Cut weekly and monthly entertainment expenses (eating out, movies, gaming, etc.) as much as you can.  Apply these savings to your debt snowball, and/or to your cash reserves.

7.  Go through your garage and attic with an eye out for anything you haven't used in the past year.  Keep nothing that isn't of emergency value or future family value (such as a crib your son might use for his future children).  Sell what you can on Craigslist or a garage sale.  (Or give it to charity.)  Develop a mindset that you don't need a lot of "stuff" surrounding you and cluttering up your life.

8.  Go through the rest of your home with the same eye.  Which things do you no longer use, or no longer need?  Re-do this assessment every now and then, as you gain momentum toward achieving your goals for independence.

9.  Take a look at the kind of home and neighborhood in which you live, compared with what it is costing you.  Consider how downsizing into a more affordable home and neighborhood would accelerate your progress towards independence. When you're ready, do it.

10.  Take stock of where you are periodically, and CELEBRATE YOUR ACHIEVEMENTS!


  1. Pete, I might have not gotten to it yet in your library of podcasts, but if I did choose to "shrug out", where should I shrug out to, and what are the most important factors in choosing my SOS (shrug out ShangriLa)?

  2. Thanks for the comment, wweikert!

    The idea is "shrugging out" of being a co-dependent to the Dependency Culture, which involves shrinking (or eliminating) your tax footprint and shrinking your optional contributions to the economy that contribute to same. Listen to Episode 1 and 2 if you have time. I will do a show this week to recap/refresh the concept.